New Thai government to pursue junta's policies
New Thai government to pursue junta's policies

Thailand’s new government said it plans to pursue a number of economic policies championed by the previous military administration as officials strive to revive growth.

Initiatives such as the US$55bil Eastern Economic Corridor project, which seeks to add infrastructure and spur high-technology industries, are among the priorities laid out in a policy statement published Sunday in Bangkok. 'Thailand has continued making progress in many areas of development,” according to the statement. 'But this government will face challenges from volatility domestically and globally, from issues like an aging society, international trade and technological change.”

The government expects annual budget spending of 3.3 trillion baht ($107 billion) -- about the current level -- and said fiscal policy will seek to provide a buffer against global volatility partly by creating domestic macroeconomic stability. 


Published : 25-Jul-2019

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